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Snsuikai Center Japanese Library


Sansuikai Center Japanese Library has 30,000 books for children and adults.

​Library Use Policies ⇒ Click here

Used Book Fair

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Used Book Fair, open to public, offers opportunities for Japanese learners to serve as volunteers as well.

​Used Book Fair ⇒ February 24, 2024​

Our Missions



with Houston community

with U.S. Businesses and related entities



among members



for next generations

About us

A Texas Non-Profit Organization- Our Mission

 The purpose for which the Association is organized are;

  1. To act as a commercial, industrial or trade association to promote good will, trade and commerce between business, commercial, industrial and financial companies, industries, and other organizations as well as governmental bodies in the country of Japan, and similar companies, industries, organizations and governmental bodies in the United States of America.

  2. Mutual assistance and friendship among Japanese owned/related companies in Houston

  3. Parent organization operating the Japanese Educational Institute of Houston

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Update on 10/25/2023
Event & Meeting Schedule

Posted 02/27/2024

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Membership requirement

A unanimous approval by the board members is required to grant a membership regardless of the class of membership

  • Honorary Members - The Consul-General of Japan in Houston, Texas, and such members of his staff as he shall nominate from time to time as well as individuals or organizations unanimously approved by the Executive Committee shall be Honorary Members.

  • Regular Members - Any Japanese corporation or other organization having a branch office, liaison office or representative office in Houston, Texas, and any American corporation or other organization which is an affiliate of or a joint venture with a Japanese corporation and which has a principal office, branch office, liaison office or representative office in Houston, TX, and any other organization, which is unanimously approved by the Executive Committee, shall be qualified to become a Regular Organization Member.

  • Associate Members - Any individual person who is contributing to and/or assisting the Japanese business community in Houston, TX, excluding any individual person employed by, belonging to or associated with any corporation or organization which is qualified to be a Regular Organization Member, shall be qualified to become an Associate Member upon written and oral nomination by any two(2) Regular Organization Members.

Japan Business Association of Houston
Administrative Office

Sansuikai Center


Ashford Crossing Ⅱ

1880 S. Dairy Ashford Road, Suite 170,Houston, TX 77077

Business Hours: 


9:00am - 5:00pm

The offfice may be closed on major holidays as well as during summer and winter breaks. 

*Appointment Only on Mondays


Thank you!


Japan Business Association of Houston has eight(8) committees.  Please refer the most recent "Association Member List" for current JBHA members.


  1. Japan Festival

  2. Public Relations

  3. Planning & Research

  4. Culture

  5. Softball

  6. Golf

  7. Education

  8. Life-Style・Information 

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