A Message from President Aizawa

  Given the current circumstances, many of us are facing difficult challenges in our corporate operations, and I sincerely hope that our members and families will be able to return to a normal and more secure life at the soonest.

  This year marks the 52nd anniversary since the establishment of the Japan Business Association of Houston (JBAH), which was founded in 1967 as a non-profit organization to promote good will, trade, and commerce between Houston and Japanese companies. Since then, JBAH has grown in pace with the economic development of Houston. Our sub-committees follow business activities in steel; general merchandise and chemical products; machinery and electronics; transportation, services, finance and trade; and energy. As of today, there are 112 companies and a total of 760 members that are committed in the Greater Houston area.

  In addition, we are proud to support the Japanese language supplementary school known as Nihongo Hoshuko, which has 458 students registered. The majority of the students who attend the Nihongo Hoshuko came to Houston from Japan by virtue of their parents’ business assignments. As the students will eventually return to Japan, our goal is to ensure they can easily re-adapt to the Japanese educational system.

  COVID-19 has impacted both economic activities and social life.  However, until the pandemic subsides, we must find safe, innovative ways to  continue the course of our growth as a society while supporting our community. During my term as President of JBAH, I will continue my efforts to strengthen our partnership with the Houston community and to contribute to the further development of the JBAH.


Thank you for your support and cooperation in securing our further growth.

November 18th, 2020

相澤 稔新会長.jpg

Minoru Aizawa

President of JBAH & JBA Houston Foundation